Summer Salt are a trio from Austin, Texas, consisting of Matt Terry, Eugene Chung and Phil Baier, who describe their music as, “that much needed breeze for maximum relaxation”. And again they released another wonderful peace of music. After the “Driving to Hawaii”-EP in October 2014 (which was now re-released) and the “Going Native”-Single in December 2015 it’s now time for the “So Polite”-EP. As you might have noticed although the steps get smaller those 3 guys are not in a rush. Just like their music.

Their songs are so sweet you might get diabetes. Matt Terry sings about his favorite old car and about “Candy Wrappers”, while his voice is as soft as Brian Wilson‘s was in 1964. He also praises the falsetto, while Eugene on drums and Phil on bass underlay the lyrics with just the right amount of mellowness. Only sometimes there is a second layer of guitar or a synth vibraphone on “Prickly Pear“. There are hints of 60s sweetness, a bit of bossa nova and a lot of nostalgia. It definitely is the perfect summer soundtrack 2017!

So Polite track list:

01. Candy Wrappers
02. So Polite
03. Revvin’ my CJ7
04. Prickly Pear


Listen to / buy the record here!

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