1. If you had to describe your music with a color, what would it be?


2. What’s the biggest struggle you have when it comes to creating?

Not being stoned enough.

3. If you could play any show in the world, what would it be?


4. What do you consider your biggest musical success?

Writing a million dollar hip hop song about doughnuts.

5. What inspired you to start making music?

Santa Claus.

6. If you could hear any person living or dead sing to you, who would it be?

Chris Farley.

7. Who, aside from any band or musician, is your biggest influence?

Big Bird.

8. What do you like to do other than music?

Wear different colored and sized socks.

9. What is the most misjudged album in the world?

Baha Men.

10. What’s in your fridge?


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