They are back! After declaring the official end of the Seattle band on September 8th, 2015, via Facebook, Seapony have now released an EP. Since the band around singer Jen Weidl put out three extremely good albums (Go With Me, Falling and A Vision) the  reactions were devastating.
Last week they already posted a new song that is the namesake of the new record: “Be Here Again“. It continues the sound of the band with dangling guitars, drum machine and the soft voice of Weidl. The core duo of her and husband Danny Rowland trade off on flickering, Smiths-meets-Ventures guitar leads and strums that are either jangly or distorted (or both), as their longtime friend Ian Brewer adds unassuming basslines, over drum tracks that this time are more unorganic-sounding.
Fans from the beginning will especially love “What’s Gonna Happen”, whereas “Have It Made” and “Nothing’s Right” are the songs that sound most different from their early works with heavy synthies and driving drums.

Listen to / buy the record here!


From their debut album Go With Me:

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