Entitled Bulls and Roosters, the full-length effort follows 2015’s The Phage EP.
Almost 10 years after forming the band it seems they have grown up. The sound is not as reckless as in their early days. Whistling and slide guitars brings new additions to the four-piece’s sound. They have not completely lost their punk attitude though (songs like “Kenmore Ave.” and pre-release “Better Find Out”). But the California/West Coast band aim for a poppier sound (“Sippy Cup”/ “Peach Mirror”).
One can be very excited to hear them performing those songs at Maze, Berlin, on November 25th!

Get bargain tickets here!

Bulls and Roosters Tracklist:
01. Sippy Cup
02. The Cold
03. Kenmore Ave.
04. Money On It
05. Better Find Out
06. Peach Mirror
07. Gold Moon
08. Friend Of Nothing
09. Stare At The Sun
10. Southern Comfort
11. Bulls And Roosters
12. Is It Real?
13. Alison

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