1. If you had to describe your music with a color, what would it be?

A base of dark red with whooshes of green, black, and purple throughout. – Josh (guitar in F&tWF, editor’s note) answered this because he actually relates sounds to colors. One of his many mutations, according to Dylan.

2. What’s the biggest struggle you have when it comes to creating?

Everything is a struggle for us. Everyday is a dark cloud of pain and misery.

3. If you could play any show in the world, what would it be?

Pink Floyd live at Pompeii, but us instead.

4. What do you consider your biggest musical success?

Everything we touch turns to gold.

5. What inspired you to start making music?

We took all the sounds that bounced around in our heads as young lads, and turned them into the music we create today.

6. If you could hear any person living or dead sing to you, who would it be?

Tiny Tim, performing Tiptoe Through the Tulips while we drink wine in a field.

7. Who, aside from any band or musician, is your biggest influence?

Stu Pope. He’s our guru and spiritual soul brother.

8. What do you like to do other than music?

We’re all amateur archaeologists. Specializing in the Cretaceous period.

9. What is the most misjudged album in the world?

Charles Manson’s album is highly underrated.

10. What’s in your fridge?

The only surviving cup of Kool-aid from the Jonestown massacre.

Frankie & the Witch Fingers will Quasimodo, Berlin on May 22nd!

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